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💰 Cashback : how does it works ?Updated 9 months ago

If you are on this article, it is because you want to know more about this famous gain, and you are right!

This gain consists in recovering 100% of the consumption in euros of each myEko radiator during the first year of the radiator's operation and 20% of its consumption during the other years at the regulated EDF rates for individuals (20.62cts euros TTC / kWh).

Because yes, this is one of the main points of myEko. We want to prove that innovation, ecology and purchasing power can be one. We want to create a community of actors of change, actors of the world of today and tomorrow. Being ecologically responsible can pay off!



How is this possible?

The heating technology we use with myEko is unique. Indeed, it is the ultra-powerful H1 electronic cards inside that will perform computer calculations, to meet a need.


Like any computer calculation, this emits heat (that's why your computer is hot and usually makes noise, as fans try to cool the cards inside 🥵 ), which we reuse to heat your rooms (this is called fatal energy).





(If these cards were not in our radiators, they would be in huge datacenters that are forced to run fans to cool these cards).


Once this calculation has been made by the H1 cards, hestiia can then take care of reselling it and sending you a monthly profit in euros, on your account.





What are the needs of these H1 cards?

At hestiia, we do not restrict ourselves from any source of computing. This can be computing power for laboratories dedicated to scientific research, blockchain security operations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as GPT-3 for example, etc...


Our goal is to provide you with the gain you deserve through your contribution to saving the environment.


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