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myEko preorderUpdated 9 months ago

You have just browsed our site and you want to acquire myEko?

In this article, we explain everything about how the pre-order works 👇

You want to heat your home without having to worry about your budget or your carbon footprint and you are perfectly right!

So don't wait any longer and take advantage of our introductory offer at €490 including tax instead of €590 including tax (reserved for the first 10,000 reservations). Pre-orders are here 👈

(And to encourage your efforts in the energy transition, we offer you an additional 10% discount if you pre-order 10 radiators in one go, so you can save even more. 💰 )

First of all, click on the "PRE-COMMEND" button on the horizontal bar of the home page of our website.


Step 1. When you arrive at our pre-order page, you will only need to determine the number of radiators you need according to the surface you wish to heat.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult our simulator which will help you to see more clearly. 🔍


Step 2. Once the number of radiators is determined, you can enter your contact information in case of need during delivery.



Step 3. Then enter the delivery information for your radiators.

At the time of the pre-order we will ask you to pay only 10% of the amount of the order (e.g. for a 490€ radiator, the payment at the time of the pre-order is 49€, if you order 3 radiators, then the payment at the time of the pre-order is 147€, etc.)



Step 4. Fill in your payment information (don't forget to check the box on the pre-order agreement)

The different payment methods are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Once you have pre-ordered your myEko, you will automatically receive a confirmation email.



You can then either pay the remainder on delivery or pay in 3 monthly instalments from the time of delivery.

Delivery of myEko is scheduled between September and December 2023, we will regularly communicate the status of your order.

The first buyers will be the first delivered, so don't wait to start saving 🙂


Have a question? Contact us by chat, email or phone 🧏‍♀️

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