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💧 sato the boilerUpdated a year ago

sato is a booster boiler (which complements an existing hydraulic heating system) and reuses the heat emitted by the computer boards to heat your home's water system. We resell the computing power to help fund your heating costs (and much more 🙂 ).


How does it work?

We use the latest generation of computer cards.

These computer cards generate heat, just like a high-performance computer (which normally needs a fan to cool its cards). With sato, we have found a much more efficient way to cool our cards.

They are immersed in a fluid specially designed to cool computer cards (inside sato).

This fluid recovers 100% of the heat from the cards and transfers it to your existing heating system (radiators, floor heating, etc.).

Check now if this boiler can be installed and profitable in your home: https://hestiia.com/en/preparation-chaudiere-sato/


Check out a video of the sato installation at one of our very first customers 👇 (in french 🇫🇷 only)

I have a problem, can you help me?

For any technical questions/problems, we invite you to contact our support department via email at [email protected] or via chat on the bottom right indicating the reason for your question.

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