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🔥 what is myEko ?Updated 10 months ago

Close-up on myEko, THE smart radiator that cares about ecology and your savings made in France.

myEko, why?

The idea of the myEko electric radiator was born from two observations:

There is too much waste energy* that we could use today

Households spend too much on heating at the expense of their comfort

*We call fatal energy all the energy that we consider lost if we do not use it when it is available. This includes, for example, residual energy produced during industrial processes, or surplus renewable electricity that cannot be stored

Since 2016, we have sought to improve the daily lives of households through access to innovative products that reward the user and are environmentally smart.



How does it work?

myEko is an electric dry inertia radiator with a double heating core, which makes it a state-of-the-art radiator on the market today.

It is composed of ultra-efficient "H1" electronic boards that recycle 100% of the computing power into heat.

When myEko is installed and switched on, it turns on the electronic cards that are capable of heating your 15m2 room, just like that.

That's why we talk about fatal energy with myEko, because normally, this heat emitted by these electronic cards is lost, not used, cooled even by fans in huge datacenters, which increases the energy expenditure and destroys our planet.



We have found a solution to this problem that also allows the user to be rewarded.


The radiator must be connected in WiFi (to your internet box). These "H1" cards perform a computer calculation, which hestiia then resells to send you a gain each month that corresponds to the energy consumption of your radiators to increase your purchasing power. 💰

This gain consists of recovering 100% of the consumption in euros of each myEko radiator the first year the radiator is put into service and 20% of its consumption the other years at the regulated EDF rates for individuals (20.62cts euros including tax / kWh).



Turn on, calculate, win!


myEko is a smart radiator, with many features (for example, detection of open windows) that will allow you to save 100% of its consumption the first year and 20% the rest of the time.

In order to offer you an optimal user experience, you can control your radiators remotely with your smartphone directly on our application.

Of course, you can also manually set the temperature on the heater's display screen.



At the heart of the machines

In myEko, there are no fans to cool the "H1" electronic boards like in conventional data centers. No fan means no noise. Our engineering team has found a technology to cool the boards efficiently without making noise.


With noise emission below 10 decibels, myEko is as quiet as a desert 🧘

A guarantee of sustainable products

Concerned about the environment, we have developed a warranty policy that helps extend the life of our products and allows us to cover our products for 5 years parts and labor.


We also offer to replace our heating system free of charge upon request every 5 years in order to maintain its performance.


We have created an innovative system that allows for efficient recycling and reuse of materials.

In short, myEko is a unique electric heater that we are proud to present to you.


Quick, I want to acquire myEko 🤩


Your wallet will thank you, and the planet too 🦋🌍

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