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How do I cashback?

The earnings will be sent directly to your bank account at the beginning of each month. You can track your savings in real time published in the application or when you log in to your account on the hestiia website.

Can I choose the type of calculation performed?

For the time being, hestiia manages and controls the type of calculation carried out by the H1 electronic cards, in order to send you your earnings every month as provided in our offer. It is not impossible that this will change in the future.

How are the cards cooled without a fan?

The cards are cooled by what is called passive dissipation, by the presence of a large heatsink, which ensures the proper functioning and longevity of the cards. Thus, there is no fan, and therefore no noise 🤫.

Is the application to control myEko remotely paid?

The application to manage and control your radiators myEko is completely free.

Do I need super high-speed optic fiber connection ?

Even if a good internet connection is necessary for myEko to work properly, having fiber is not a must.

What if myEko loses the wifi signal ?

When myEko is not connected in WiFi to your internet box, hestiia cannot resell the computer calculation made, the cashback is therefore paused, the time to reconnect in WiFi. However, the cards continue to calculate "empty" in order to heat your hom

What are the technical features of myEko?

Format: Horizontal 900mm (W) x 680mm (H) x 150mm (D). Power: 1000 W. Weight: 29kg. Color: White. Components: "Recovery Heat" fatal heat recovery system that recycles 100% of the power of calculations into heat thanks to the ultra-efficient "H1" cards

What standards does myEko meet?

myEko benefits from the following standards:. European directives :. 2006/42/CE : Machinery Directive. 2006/95/EC : Low Voltage Directive. 2008/765/CE : CE marking. French standards :. NF C15-100 : Low voltage electrical installations. NF EN 60675 :

What happens if a card fails?

Don't panic, we designed myEko so that even if one card should fail, you won't feel any difference since the other cards will take over. What's more, we'll only ask you to send us back the faulty card and we'll send you a brand new one, ready to heat

Are there different ranges of radiators?

For now, we offer a single 1000W myEko.

Do I need to upgrade my electricity at home?

myEko adapts to all electrical installations, you don't have to make any changes.

Is the radiator made in France?

Yes, myEko is made and assembled in France.