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What is the purpose of the solenoid valve that operates by itself from time to time?

This solenoid valve allows you to switch off the circulation of heating water in sato. In case you draw a lot of hot water, the tank fills up with cold water. In this case, the valve cuts off the circulation and prevents your boiler from heating the

I notice on my mining pool that sato is regularly shutting down/no longer mining. Why is this?

sato only works when you need heating. So expect its running time to vary: in winter sato will run longer than in summer.

sato has stopped when the set temperature has not been reached, is this normal?

If you do not draw much hot water, the temperature in the tank may be globally homogeneous. In this case, the electronic cards are less cooled and sato puts them (the cards) in safety by cutting the power supply by itself.

sato has stopped for a few hours, is this normal?

sato switches off when the water in the tank has reached its set temperature and switches on again later when it is low enough. This delay avoids switching on and off the electronic cards too often and extends their life.

sato is making noise, is that normal ?

Yes, it is quite normal that at the start of the start-up, by the time the water in the sato tank reaches temperature, it makes a little noise, which will then fade.